Skeeterbuggins Productions
508 South Lake St.
Colfax, WA 99111

Live Event Production

We can provide the live event support you or your organization need for your event. We can find the right solution for you from Direct to DVD, Webcasting, Small Production Live Broadcast, Image Magnification, and Other Support Functions.

We can customize a package as well to fit the needs you desire. These are just base packages to give you and idea of what you will be receiving for our services. Please feel free to contact us with your idea and we can talk about it!

Our Base Rates

Main Staff $30/hour
Support Staff $20/hour
1st Camera $10/hour
Each Additional Camera $5/hour
Live Event Switcher $15/hour
Graphics Production $10/hour
Audio Equipment $10/hour
Other Additional Equipment $5 an item/hour
Lighting Equipment $10/hour
Webcasting (Hosted by Skeeterbuggins Productions) $25/hour
Webcasting (Hosted by Other Services) $10/hour
Projector $10/hour
Projector Screen $5/hour
Post-Production $30/hour

To see samples of our work, please click here.